100% organic cotton unisex t shirt made in usa
100% organic cotton unisex t shirt made in usa
sustainable fashion apparel made in usa t shirt
ethical fashion sustainable graphic tshirt made in usa
organic sustainable t shirts for men and women

The "Donatus" Organic Cotton Unisex T-shirt in Dawn


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The Donatus (Latin word for Gifted) is a comfortable 100% certified organic rings-pun cotton T-shirt that embodies our beliefs and values. Organic cotton, eco-friendly water-based ink used for our decoration  and made in USA. Our InLucem (The Light Within) logo on the front serving you as a  statement of your acceptance on being gifted and directly taking action to help the world become a better place. The back decoration features our Spiralis (Spiral) logo that includes the positive and negative energies of the universe endlessly dancing together in search for balance. Nothing rests. Energy is movement and movement is spiral.





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This product  signifies your acceptance on being gifted. You are aware of your possession of innate gifts & your journey to discover them continues. Gone are the days when you compared yourself to others as you now know this is impossible. You can never be like anyone else because you are one of one. From your DNA strands to your fingerprints, the universe tries to inform you about your uniqueness. You carve your own mark in this world and follow your own path. The only person you are to compare yourself in this entire universe is your reflection in the mirror.

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You have a duty. Your duty is to serve others with your gifts. This is not complicated at all. Your gift can be cheering people up, complimenting others or simply just listening to people. The most helpful and timeless things in life are often the simplest. Think about all the people that are NOT benefiting from your gifts right now. Once you identify your gift and begin sharing it with others, you'll find yourself full of joy and increased purpose. We believe in you.

100% Organic cotton sustainable fashion apparel by inlucem



Our apparel is decorated using manual machines in order to reduce electricity usage & carbon footprint as opposed to using industry standard automatic machinery.

Vegan Inks

We use 100% certified organic ink on all our decorations. It is eco-friendly water-based ink that is soft to the touch and better for your skin. A much better alternative for our environment as opposed to the industry standard plastisol ink which is a toxic, petroleum based ink called that contains resins and plastics

100% organic cotton

Our apparel is made with 100% certified organic cotton which is better for your skin. We want to make things the way Mother Nature intended which is without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals on our cotton. In addition, organic cotton uses 91% less water than regular cotton which is great for our environment.

carbon neutral shipping

Our facilities use carbon neutral shipping on all of our production. This term refers to the net amount of carbon dioxide or other carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere is reduced to zero because it is balanced by actions to reduce or offset these emissions. These actions include the purchase of solar panels for instance.

100% Organic Unisex Cotton T-shirt by InLucem


We want to bring apparel production and manufacturing to the American workforce. We have a team of great manufacturers and production facilities that work with us in this mission. We are so proud to say all of our apparel is proudly Made in USA.


Our design concepts are born in the minds of our team in Los Angeles, CA.

Manufactured in New York

All of our garments are manufactured in the USA with facilities located in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


Our printing facility is located in Pennsylvania. This is where all our apparel is purposely hand-printed with care in order to reduce electricity usage compared to the majority of printing facilities using automatic machinery. Sustainability is in every step of the process.

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Organic Cotton Made in USA Unisex T-shirt

Product with Purpose

By purchasing any InLucem apparel, you are directly contribuitng in many ways. We donate 1% of profits to the Friends of the Earth & Afterschool Alliance charities. The former helps in the aid of our of current environmental crisis and the ladder helps young kids find affordable after-school activities to aid in their journey of discovering their life's calling. You are directly having a positive impact with your purchase on this mission. Thank you.


Recycled Gift Tissue Inlucem Apparel

All of our InLucem apparel is wrapped in 100% recycled kraft tissue paper.

Recycled kraft paper label stickers by Inlucem

Every order is packed with a complimentary logo sticker made of 30% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) kraft paper.

Magnitudo Hoodie Cost Breakdown:

Production = $30.10
Finishing = $4.48
Total cost = $34.58

Donatus T-Shirt Cost Breakdown:

Production = $18.26
Finishing = $4.48
Total cost = $22.74