About Us

The world has tried to turn us into nothing more than trends and imitations. We jump from fad to fad within months. We feel judged by how well we fit in, how much we look like others, how much we think like others. But at the heart of who we are, we find that we are all unique. You have your own personality and strengths, your own ideas of what this world can be. It takes every one of us, each with our own gifts, to change the world and make it into the place we want it to be. We are here to prevent you from blending in the crowd.

Some of us were born to blaze trails and some of us were born to inspire. Some of us were born to lead and some were born to uplift and support. You have a role, a gift and you are unique.

So why doesn’t it feel that way?

In a world that wants us to conform, being yourself can feel like the most radical act of all. InLucem was created for those who are tired of conforming. InLucem translates to the latin words “Light Within”.  You possess a light inside you and we want to help you let it shine. InLucem is here to support you in the journey to discover your gifts and make the world a better place. We are a community that believes in the lifestyle over the brand. We create sustainable slow fashion for people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. 

The power to change the world shines when you recognize our own unique gifts and use them to change the world around you. It’s what compels you to help your neighbor in need, what drives you to be a good friend to those who need one most, and what motivates you to create a better future for those who come after you. You can simply start by helping another human being. This innate desire to do more is the essence of everything we do. It’s felt in the purity of the 100% organic cotton we use in our clothing and the reduced carbon footprint we’re leaving behind using carbon neutral shipping. It’s shown in the biodegradable eco-friendly packaging we use. It’s the heart of everything we design and manufacture by hand here in the USA. 

When we say we’re a lifestyle brand, we mean it. It’s not enough to inspire others if we’re not doing the work ourselves. We put our words into action. That’s why 1% of our profits is donated directly to the Friends of Earth Organization to improve our environment and After School Alliance to
provide affordable after-school educational opportunities for every child.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to discover your greatness, one that will see us change the world for good. Welcome to InLucem. 

Recognize Your Greatness.