Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

4 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Is Important

The hub of style and the world of glamor, the Fashion industry is also the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world. 

In fact, it is responsible for a massive 10% of annual global carbon emissions. 

This is why moving away from traditional fashion practices to develop sustainable fashion is of utmost importance today. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should switch to sustainable fashion – pronto! 

  • Reduce Wastage 

  • The “fast fashion” of today prides on mass-produced, inexpensive clothing focused on current trends. 

    But, the apparel does not tend to last long due to low-quality materials. This means having to repurchase after every few months – creating immense resource wastage. 

    Conversely, sustainable fashion is created with durable, high-quality materials meant to last years! 

  • Environment Friendly 

  • Unfortunately, industrial practices of fast fashion are far from eco-friendly. 

    Usage of about 8000 synthetic chemicals hazardous to labor and environment, high water consumption, increased wastage, and heaps of landfill; these are only some of the many problems brought to the environment.  

    By choosing sustainable fashion, you stray far from the negative environmental footprint, and instead invest in industrial practices that minimize such hazards. 

  • Save Animal and Human Lives 

  • A reason why contemporary fashion is so budget-friendly is due to child labor and awful working conditions. About 170 million children are thought to be working in the garment industry – depressing statistics indeed. 

    Sustainable fashion regards all lives, humans, and animals, in high esteem and thus, does not indulge in child labor, nor include animal harm in their practices. 

    Cruelty-free alternatives to animal by-products, such as vegan wool, are used to produce trendy, sustainable fashion. 

  • Stray From Conventional Styles – Create Your Own 

  • Impulse buying, ever-changing trends, and fast fashion have meant clothes continue to flow in and out of our wardrobes at the speed of light. 

    This has made us forget that clothes mean something – a story. 

    Every attire holds moments and thus, has memories. Jumping on the fast fashion bandwagon means letting go of our own style and self, to merely adopt “what’s trending”. 

    With sustainable fashion that is made to last – be you. Create your own fashion and stray from conventional, standard definitions of style. 

    Make the Switch! 

    Ditch “fast fashion” for personalized fashion and go sustainable. 

    Embark on your journey of change, and every purchase will leave you fashionable on the outside, and content on the inside!