Why Instant Gratification is Dangerous

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips at lighting speed. Stream a movie? No problem we have Netflix. Want to purchase anything and get it in 2 days or faster? Amazon Prime is the answer. This has been an incredible benefit to us when solving these problems. 

However, we must be careful on trying to apply these principles and expectations to our life goals.

Goals do not work that way. Great things take time. It took you 9 months to even set foot on this planet so how can we expect our big goals to be achieved overnight?

Simple, we are programed to look for instant gratification.

Marketing, advertising, TV and movies have influenced us heavily on this mentality.

They have painted a false picture about the way things work and have worked for thousands of years.

There is no overnight secret, there is no silver bullet.

My advice? Look at nature. Nature follows the universal laws that have not changed. An oak tree takes the time it needs to grow big and tall. There is no such thing as an overnight oak tree.

The same applies to big goals.

Here's the simple trick, the secret to success is in the small, seemingly insignificant actions you do moment-to-moment that compound to create that big success!

Here's a formula:

Small actions + Consistency + Time = Success

It's that simple. It's the seemingly unimportant, unsexy, boring, tiring actions no one sees you do daily that actually compound overtime to get you to succeed.

Trust the process.

That is it my friends. There are no new fundamentals. This has been around since the beginning of time.

If anyone comes to you with a new way to get rich quick or succeed fast, question it heavily.

Get after it.

For a full lesson on how to apply these compounding principles to your life, I highly recommend getting "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy