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Your Are Not Your Thoughts

Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it’s real. You are so much more than your thoughts. When author of the book "You Are the One", Kute Blackson,  first moved to Los Angeles, he desperately wanted to become the next Oprah. Only after reading an autobiography on Steven Spielberg did his path change. Kute became convinced that meeting Spielberg would be the key to his success. Naturally, his thoughts got in his way: How are you going to find him? He won’t give you the time of day. Nevertheless, Kute would ask each person he came across whether they could connect him to Steven. Eventually, he met someone who knew where Steven watched his kid play soccer on Saturday...

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Find Your Purpose

Purpose does not always present itself at an early age, and it’s not always a definitive singular direction. When our purpose is unclear, we often hesitate and default to waiting for a larger revelation. Unfortunately, we can be waiting forever. Kute Blackson (author of the amazing book "You Are the One") was raised to follow the footsteps of his father, a spiritual leader who advised two presidents in Ghana before fleeing to London during a change of leadership. A persuasive preacher, Kute Blackson moved his father’s congregation to tears even before adulthood. The word presented itself clearly and spoke through him without hindrance, but when Kute took the podium, he imagined himself speaking to the audiences at Madison Square Garden---...

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