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Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

4 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Is Important The hub of style and the world of glamor, the Fashion industry is also the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world.  In fact, it is responsible for a massive 10% of annual global carbon emissions.  This is why moving away from traditional fashion practices to develop sustainable fashion is of utmost importance today.  Here are 4 reasons why you should switch to sustainable fashion – pronto!  Reduce Wastage  The “fast fashion” of today prides on mass-produced, inexpensive clothing focused on current trends.  But, the apparel does not tend to last long due to low-quality materials. This means having to repurchase after every few months – creating immense resource wastage.  Conversely, sustainable fashion...

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Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters The clothing industry is a significant contributor to environmental damage and pollution. Fashion production dries up water sources, pollutes rivers, generates greenhouse gases; which all result in climate change, deforestation, and water scarcity. All these problems make the fashion industry so destructive. But sustainable fashion is a lifesaver. Sustainable fashion makes a way for positive change in the environment around the world.  What Is Sustainable Fashion? When we hear the term sustainable, we are not sure what it exactly means. There is no tried and tested definition for it, however, it means maximizing benefits for people and the community while minimizing the damage and negative impacts on the environment. The main aim of sustainable fashion is...

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