Positively Alone

Here's a quick snippet from Kute Blacksons book "You Are The One."

No one owes us anything. We are responsible for making our dreams come true so stop waiting for someone to point us in the right direction. No one is coming. Not our parents. Not our partner. Not our friends. We are in charge of living the most fulfilled lives possible. Our entitlement will not get us anywhere further in life. We must act as an active agent in our lives. This is amazingly empowering, because it reaffirms that you are the most powerful player in your life. Why would you trust anyone to make these huge decisions for you? Kute opens You Are the One by describing his most moving experience when first traveling through India. On his way to the tree that Buddha so famously sat under, Kute came across a group of ten beggars. He naturally gravitated towards a singular beggar wearing a blue sash and wailing beautifully. As Kute watched, he was brought to tears by the passion the beggar put into his singing. Only after several minutes did Kute realize that the beggar was not only blind, but missing all of his limbs. How can this man who is missing so much chant with gratitude? When Kute asked, the beggar responded, “Young man, life might give you what you want. Life may never give you want you want. But you can always give life who you are.” We have a responsibility to share our gifts with the world even if the world may have been stingy. Be completely engaged in the world, every single day