Mindsets of Success by Sten Morgan

No matter what business of adventure you set out to do in life, you might reach a point where oyu plateau and don't know what to do. You may not be sure if you want to continue or simply give it all up. This is perfectly okay as it happens to most of us. The key is to be armed with the right mindset in order to view the world differently and in your favor.

Below are a few key points I think are extremely simple and valuable to adopt a success mindset:

Change your Lens
When the going gets tough, you need to have the right “lens” in order to
effectively accomplish your dreams. With the proper "lens" or mindset, you can view the world form all angles and be able to act accordingly no matter what the situation is.

Your Future Self

Before you can reach any destination, you first need to know where you’re going. Be sure to set clear goals. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. No need to get stuck on this, simply do it as best as you can with what you have now. Ask yourself these questions for clarity.  What do I want? When do I want it? Why do I want this?

Remove Your Safety Net

It's going to be very difficult to see your true potential if you have a back up or safety net. The most common safety net we all have is our job. You could never push your boundaries if you know you have this safety net. Instead of quitting your job right away, make sure you set a consequence of failure as being something inconceivable. This fire should push your boundaries and help you reach your full potential.


Find Perspective

True wisdom lies in knowing that you don't know enough. See mentorship, talk to people that have actually done or are doing exactly what you are right now. It's very easy to reach out to anyone nowadays but make sure you bring value to them first before you ask for their wisdom. Do they have a book? A course? Support them in some way first then ask for counsel. The biggest mistake I made was just asking mentors to give me advice in exchange for nothing.



Our biggest set backs and mistakes are a blessing in disguise when looked at through the right "lens", Think of any setback you've come across in the past and ask yourself What did I learn from that experience? Looking at circumstances through the lens of learning will shift your mindset to constant growth.



Being out of your comfort zone is actually a good thing. This is a sign of growth and pushing your boundaries. Look for discomfort and things that scare you actively and you'll see yourself growing daily.



A Misogi is a Japanese practice, whereby you do
something that has a high likelihood of failure. Then, by accomplishing
this difficult task, you will know you can do the next. Pick a task that is completely out of your comfort zone and difficult and go do it! Example: A marathon.



Conflict is inevitable and it is here to stay. As your success grows, so will your conflicts. Address them quick. When you feel a conflict arising, deal with it right away. Have the conversation as soon as possible in order to squash your fears.
Get it over with and move on.


Time Balance

This needs to be reminded, everyone has the same 24 hours each day. The key is in how we manage those 24 hours. The best advice I can give you is to write down 3 things you will get done that day. The first thing you write should be the task that makes you the most uncomfortable and no matter what happens that day, you will get it done. Do this every morning and see the results!



Simply pursuing cash will waste a lot of your life and end up unfulfilled. A true reason for why we do what we do i generosity, You should do what you do because you genuinely wan to help your fellow human beings. Make sure you ask yourself "Why do I do what I do?". Aside from the transaction of a product/service for financial gains, how are you helping others? Make sure this is the main reason you do what you do.

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