Find Your Purpose

Purpose does not always present itself at an early age, and it’s not always a definitive singular direction. When our purpose is unclear, we often hesitate and default to waiting for a larger revelation.

Unfortunately, we can be waiting forever.

Kute Blackson (author of the amazing book "You Are the One") was raised to follow the footsteps of his father, a spiritual leader who advised two presidents in Ghana before fleeing to London during a change of leadership. A persuasive preacher, Kute Blackson moved his father’s congregation to tears even before adulthood. The word presented itself clearly and spoke through him without hindrance, but when Kute took the podium, he imagined himself speaking to the audiences at Madison Square Garden--- not his father’s 5,000 congregants. Kute felt an undeniable pull to the United States where he wanted to be closer to the self-help leaders that had affected him throughout the 1990s—Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Louse Hay and Jack Canfield. Only by leaning into this dream and reading more was Kute able to develop his own belief system. He realized that he wanted to create his own way outside of organized religion.

Here's a tip:

Work each day towards doing something that fulfills you. Do not get too attached to the vision of how your life should be. Sometimes, your true purpose is bigger than you ever imagined it would be.